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Intelligent Traffic light controller

Intelligent Traffic light controller 

Traffic diagnostic controllers of TDC series (hereinafter TDC) are intended for:

  • Implementation of coordinated control of traffic-lights objects as part of traffic information systems of a wide-range integration (main-line traffic-lights objects, city/inter-regional/national control systems and for traffic monitoring);
  • Diagnostic and monitoring of load circuits of traffic-light lamps.


TDC can be used in different environment and climatic zones with temperature range from – 40° C to + 70° C and in a range of power voltage from 160 V to 250 V.


Traffic controller software allows:

1)      To create and maintain work of several (up to 4) traffic light objects by one controller.

2)      To maintain and control data exchange of traffic controller as part of traffic information system (artery of traffic light objects at centerless coordination; city system of road traffic management, etc.) with the help of any (wire or wireless) communication channels, virtual channels of Internet and their combinations with maintaining of permanent coordination of road traffic management system.

Taking into consideration maintaining of data exchange with virtual channels of Internet and communication channels of mobile operators, controller can be used as part of interregional and national systems of management and monitoring of road traffic.

3)      To implement monitoring of operating modes of connected to TDC traffic light objects.

4)      To carry out full diagnostics of TDC equipment and connected to TDC load circuits.

5)      To react promptly to defects (lamp failure, overworks which exceed preset threshold, closing of load circuit, unapproved switching on of the chain) and recommence normal work after disappear of defects.

6)      To create and maintain work of the following traffic light types:

-          traffic light with 3 lamps (red, yellow, green);

-          traffic light with 4 lambs (main (controlled) red, additional (uncontrolled) red, yellow, green);

-          pedestrian traffic light with two lamps;

-          “arrow”;

-          tram traffic light with 4 lamps.

7)      Freely connect any grope of traffic lamps to any power line (one group should consist up to 5 traffic lamps)

8)      To control load circuits at any cable, what results in economy of cable production

9)      To implement diagnostics of traffic lamps, what predetermines planning of replacements of worn- out lamps before their failure. This increases traffic lights regularity level.

10)   To create multilevel system of assigned to the traffic light objects instructions of work on time and priorities of fulfillment.


The principal goals to be achieved during design and development of TDC where: maximum fail-safety security, functional reliability, convenient operation in different working conditions. The multi-level control system completely excludes the possibility of occurrence the critical conditions of traffic-light object.