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Intelligent Wireless Control System for Outdoor Lighting Infrastructures

Street Light Control System (SLCS) manufactured by SEA Company is wirelessly operated system that is intended for automation and dispatching of municipal outdoor lighting facilities.

Street Light Control System (SLCS) is not only innovative, sustainable and economical - it is also particularly easy to incorporate in the existing lighting infrastructure.


The main function of Street Light Control System (SLCS) is automated and manual (directly by operator) remote control of municipal public lighting technological objects. Automated control is provided in strict accordance with schedules, that designed individually for various regions, taking into account local conditions and other factors.


Operational control functions allow the operator to provide manual powering up of lighting facilities.


Street Light Control System (SLCS) provides:

  • strict adherence to schedule of commutation and eliminating human touch when the system operates in automatic mode;
  • reliable and fast transmission of information via GPRS cellular network;
  • information feedback from the system to operators on switching to a selected mode, thereby reducing the response time of operator in case of emergency situation;
  • ability to set individual schedules of powering up for various areas (for example, "suburb" and "downtown") with optimally chosen time shifts in powering schedule;
  • remote technical metering of consumed energy and record-keeping;
  • ability to identify changes in power consumption, allowing to identify quickly unauthorized connections.
Implementation of modern approach to designing systems based on wireless technologies: embedded GSM wireless microprocessors developed by international corporation Sierra Wireless are used as CPUs in Street Light Control System (SLCS).
Street Light Control System (SLCS) has scalable architecture. If the System user faces additional tasks while the system in service he does not need to remove equipment or to install an additional system. Our engineers can develop the system with new options in accordance with new tasks and functionality. Appropriate software can be downloaded both on site and remotely via GPRS cellular network.