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LED displays - it is a modern technology of display image products, based on the application of LEDs. This technology proved itself on the world market long time ago and now it is using increase all over the world.  

Typical applications of the line of LEDs products branded by SEA

Outdoor LED displays branded by SEA Informational systems of cities; outdoor advertising; facade of shopping malls, department stores, banks, automobile showrooms, restaurants and entertainment centers; railway stations, airports and other transport infrastructure
Media facades branded by SEA
Rental stage LED displays branded by SEA Providing of public events, shows, concerts
Stadium LED displays Sport stadiums, outdoor and indoor sports facilities

Advantages of cooperation with SEA GmbH in supplying of LED displays

  • Phased payment system minimizes the distractions of Your company is liquid capital at the time of the order.
  • Warranty and service support from the manufacturer.
  • The optimal choice between the criterion of the quality / cost due to well-functioning logistics, quality control at all stages of placing the order, production and delivery.
  • A wide range of LED modules with different characteristics, which allows to realize your needs fully.
  • High performance: high brightness, protection from external influences, high precision manufacturing units and offices, convenient control system.
    High-quality components for light-emitting diodes: transmitting and receiving units - Linsn, DB Star; power supplies - MeanWell.

Outdoor LED displays branded by SEA

Outdoor LED display - this is the most prestigious, efficient, forward-looking and high-tech kind of advertising that used successfully in outdoor advertising all over the world. The advantage of LED displays is that you have a possibility to show a wide range of advertising media: video, slides, animation, text, etc. This allows you to maximize audience reach and significantly increase sales of the advertised product. You will never reach such results with traditional marketing materials.

Key features:

  • Viewing angle(H/V) 120/60  deg.;

  • IP rating(Front/Rear) IP65/IP54;
  • Operating temperature:-20...+50C;

  • Power consumption (max): till 1100 W/sq.m.

Basic features of outdoor LED displays branded by SEA

Name of the cabinet model Pixel pitch (mm) Pixel configuration Brightness (nit) Cabinet size (mm) Cabinet resolution (pixels) Cabinet weight (kg)
SEA 10,66A1536-1024ODNCS 10,66 1R1G1B 6000 1536X1024 144X96 82
SEA 16A1536-1024ODNCS 16 1R1G1B 8000 1536X1024 96X64 82
SEA 20A1600-1280ODNCS 20 1R1G1B 8000 1600x1280 80X64 100
SEA 25A1500-1200ODNCS 25 1R1G1B 5200 1500x1200 60X48 82

SEA media facades

  Media facades - a new concept, which allows you to make your commercial or residential property more than a bright, attractive and informative. Implementation of the concept provides large corporations a high level of fashion, and small-and medium-sized businesses can stand out and buy a new competitive advantage.

SEA Media facades - a bright full-color LED displays for outdoor use, with the property of transparency that allows you to install them on the facades of shopping and office centers. Due to the transmission of natural light, these structures do not interfere with the normal life of retail and office facilities.

Transparency is ensured by a special lattice construction of media facades. This design makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the LED cabinet compared with a classical screen for outdoor use, which plays an important role in large areas.
The possibility of horizontal or vertical arrangement of LED arrays extends the range of design solutions in the creation of curved planes of advertising.

In the media facades, as well as on the LED screen can be broadcast:

  • graphics and color effects, text and images;
  • videos and slide shows advertising;
  • online videos, sporting events, satellite and internet TV;
  • timely information about the date, time, traffic and weather;
  • exchange rates and emergency situations.

Features of the SEA line media facades

SEA 25A1600-1600ODFGA Model has an opacity of 50%, has a large area of the cabinet, which simplifies installation and reduces the number of joints and reduces the cost of the total cost by reducing the amount of expensive connectors.

SEA 31,25 H2000-500ODFGA Model has the highest resolution and brightness, as approaching the quality of the image to the classic LED displays, but has a lack of transparency (20%). Ideal for creating curved applicable planes and Roof structures with a vertical arrangement of rooms.

SEA 62,5 H2000-500ODFGA Model repeats the previous model, but has half the number of LED arrays. This provides the best visibility (60%), but leads to a decrease in brightness to the lowest level (out) in 5000 nits.


Characteristics of SEA media facades

Name of the cabinet model Pixel pitch (mm) Pixel configuration Brightness (nit) Cabinet size (mm) Cabinet resolution (pixels) Cabinet weight (kg)
SEA 25A1600-1600ODFGA 25х50 2R2G2B 6000 1600X1600 64X32 21,5
SEA 31,25H2000-500ODFGA 31,25х31,25 2R2G2B 8000 2000X500 64X16 26
SEA 62,5H2000-500ODFGA 31,25х62,5 2R2G2B 5000 2000x500 64X8 20

Rental stage LED Display branded by SEA

The key features of SEA rental stage LED displays are:

  • Special lightweight construction, allows the creation displays of any area and rapid installation (dismantling) with the minimum composition of the employees without special mounting hardware;
  • Reduced (compare to the displays for outdoor use), size and weight specifications, special equipment boxes ("reks"), providing easy storage and transportation.
  • Specialization to destination (LED displays with high resolution - for the central part of the scene and LED floor, clear LED display with lower resolution - for the sides);
  • High image refresh rate (> 3000 Hz), low power consumption (250 W/m2).

Rental outdoor LED displays

Rental LED displays for outdoor use have a degree of protection against dust and water ІR65/ІR54 and provide short-term use outdoor.
Name of the cabinet model Pixel pitch (mm) Pixel configuration Brightness (nit) Cabinet size (mm) Cabinet resolution (pixels) Cabinet weight (kg)
SEA 10,66A1024-768ODRCA 10,66 1R1G1B 8000 1024X768 96X72 53
SEA 16A1024-768ODRCA 16 1R1G1B 12000 1024X768 96X64 42

Rental indoor LED displays

Rental indoor LED displays have a low degree of protection against dust and water, reducing the brightness which is enough for indoor use and more energy efficient. These displays are usually collected from SMD LED 3-in-one.

Name of the cabinet model Pixel pitch (mm) Pixel configuration Brightness (nit) Cabinet size (mm) Cabinet resolution(pixels) Cabinet weight (kg)
For the central part of the scene
SEA 5A480-480ISRCA 5 SMD 1600 480X480 96X96 8
SEA 6A480-480ISRCA 6 SMD 1600 480X480 80X80 8

LED array for the side parts of the scene
SEA 12,5A800-800ISRGA 12,5 SMD 100 800X800 64X64 9
SEA 20A960-960ISRGA 20 SMD 4200 960X960 48X48 15
SEA 30A960-960ISRGA 30 SMD 200 960X960 32X32 11

The flexible LED display
SEA 30A360-3840ISRLA 30 SMD 1800 360х3840 12х128 14
SEA 55A880-3520ISRLA 55 SMD 600 880х3520 16X64 9

SEA stadium LED displays for sports facilities

Sports scoreboard is designed for informational support of matches (duration, showing the account name and composition of teams, video replays), and broadcast screensavers and video clips, promotional materials, video, real-time television cameras. The technical realization is based on the video boards of outdoor SEA LED displays.

For easy management of information on the sports board, we supply workstation with a video processor and specialized software.

Video banners (perimeter banners) - a bright LED displays located around the perimeter of the playing field for the demonstration of dynamic promotional materials and logos of sponsors. They are few times better than the standard advertising media. SEA advertising video banners correspond to modern requirements FIFA, FIBA. They are certified by CE.

Structural feature of LED sports perimeter is using of special designs collapsible rubber to protect the players on the field.

Characteristics of SEA video banner:

Name of the cabinet model Pixel pitch (mm) Pixel configuration Brightness (nit) Cabinet size (mm) Cabinet resolution (pixels) Cabinet weight (kg)
SEA 10A960-800ISPCS 10 SMD 1500 960X800 128X96 45
SEA 16A1536-896ODPCS 16 1R1G1B 6500 1536X896 96X56 64
SEA 18,75A1500-900ODPCS 18,75 1R1G1B 6500 1500X900 80X48 62

Displays for sports halls

  • video cube (media cube) - Suspended construction combining four to eight LED displays, designed for visual tracking and advertising sporting events, performing the functions of a sports scoreboard. Video cube may consist of a combination of full-color and monochrome LED displays and shows information from the judicial system, a live broadcast of the competitions, video replays of the most interesting moments of the competition, promotional videos, live broadcast on mobile TV stations, and any text information messages, etc.
  • side information boards - a full color LED displays which intended to display sports information.
  • video banners (perimeter banners) - is LED screens located around the perimeter of the playing field for the demonstration of dynamic promotional materials and logos of sponsors, with a collapsible cover.